Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hear the Music

As a praise and worship leader, I love music and I find that fast beats give me some extra oomph to work harder and last longer during a workout. I, however, do not appreciate “music” that berates women, describes sex explicitly or uses the f-bomb every two words.  It is extremely difficult to feel like a beautiful Women of God working to improve my health when I am hearing popular recording artists spew profanity.  There have been times during my workout class that I have literally stopped what I was doing (usually burpees) because I was so extremely shocked by what was coming out of the speakers.  

This blog is going to be a positive space, so instead of complaining all day, I wanted to share with you what I listen to as an alternative.  I love listening to Jesus Culture, Josh Hamilton and pretty much any 80’s rock music!  Most of it is uplifting and non-offensive.  It doesn’t tell me that I was made to drink till I drop, or that my only asset is my, ahem, assets.   I like monitoring what I listen to, especially when I work out.  I find that afterwards I feel confident and encouraged, and maybe a bit sweaty.     

Final thought: To keep your attitude and spirits high, try to avoid listening to music that will convince you that you are anything but special and unique!     

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