Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Miracle Pill

I am not too proud to admit that there was a point in my life when I started using diet pills.  I didn't use them for very long, however, the realization struck regardless, I was desperate.  I was desperate to loose weight and I was desperate to change the way I looked.  Ultimately I was desperate for a miracle.  I believed the lie that I couldn't do it by myself, but more importantly, I believe the lie that said I wasn't good enough the way that I was.  I was ashamed of the way that I looked.  I was desperate.

Today I have a much different perspective on this subject.  And this is how I got it:

1) I stopped believing the lie that my worth was based on my physical appearance.

2) I stopped believing the lie that I had no control over my life, if I wanted change, I was the only person that could make it happen.

Last Night, my Pastor spoke on the story in John 6 when Jesus fed the 5000.  It was so right on with what I have been learning and it tied directly into what I wanted to talk about next.  With my desperate attitude out of the way, I still felt like I needed some kind of miracle to continue on my journey to be healthy.  It is so easy not to care about what I am eating or how often I am being active, I knew that I was going to need a divine intervention to make it stick this time.  The good news, last night was the intervention!

These are the principles that my pastor taught us regarding miracles.

1) A miracle always begins with the thankful recognition of what you already have.  (John 6:11)

Translation: "Thank you God that you provided me with a life, a soul, a spirit and a body.  I am thankful for being alive today and I recognize the gift that you have given in my body especially."

Fact: You are an original, there is not another one like you!  You are very special, and not just on the inside, but on the outside as well!

2) Until you can be thankful for something that is not enough, then you will not receive multiplication till you have more than enough.  

Translation: "I will never achieve my goals for health until I can be grateful for the health that I do have, even if it is not that much."

Fact: If you are alive and breathing, you are healthy enough to thank God for your health!

Ultimately, the miracle is found in our attitude.  Our attitude (which is what is really going on in our heart)  will determine what we are able to receive.  If my attitude is one of negativity and anger then I will not be motivated or excited to do what I know I am supposed to do.  On the other hand, if I have an "Attitude of Gratitude," I will be motivated, excited and thankful to be able to make a change in my life.

Sometimes the miracle doesn't happen in the physical (don't get me wrong, it certainly can), however, sometimes the miracle happens inside our hearts and then, when we change on the inside, we change on the outside!

Today I am getting scale to track my progress and provide motivation!  Also going to be doing some cool weight loss motivation tips I found on pintrest.  Thanks for following!


  1. Right on :) One quote I liked on Pinterest(which I may not be quoting exactly word for word) is "This will never taste as good as HEALTHY feels!!

  2. I'm a new Follower! Love your blog. Stumbled on it from Pinterest. Funny how God leads you to just what you need :) It's been a blessing b/c I seem to be in a similar point in my journey.

    1. Thank you so much! So happy that this is encouraging to you! It always feels better when you learn your not alone! Blessings!